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After the Storm: Helping Clients Through the Rebuild/Repair Process

2017’s Atlantic hurricane season officially ends November 30. For those hit hard by this active season’s tropical storms and hurricanes, that end can’t come soon enough. Thousands upon thousands of home and business owners are taking steps to repair and rebuild, and T&T Construction believes the construction crews serving them sit in a unique position.

While every job deserves care and a thoughtful approach, that is especially true when dealing with individuals reeling from natural disasters. Many of these people are still appraising damage and determining what exactly the future holds. Here, we offer a few tips to our friends and colleagues in the business to help encourage positive interactions that benefit business and client alike.

Focus on open communication.
Your clients have already been dealt an unexpected — and potentially life-changing — blow. As such, they likely feel a bit overwhelmed. Make an effort to keep surprises to a minimum, and keep them informed through every stage of your work. Not only will it calm their nerves, but it will allow them to enter into future projects armed with more knowledge than before.

Add a personal touch.
Although there is work to be done, not every interaction has to center on the construction job ahead. Take a moment, even if it is just a couple of minutes, to ask about other aspects of the client’s life. How is their day going? How are they dealing with the current situation? What are the kids doing? This can help put their mind at ease, and encourage a stronger business relationship.

Go the extra mile.
A client facing major repair work never is rarely in need of just one single contractor. Foundation issues, electrical troubles and plumbing problems are just a few things they might be up against. If they require work that falls outside of what your company officers, suggest a contractor you know and trust. Doing so will help them on their road to recovery, and could lead to future referrals for your business.

The T&T crew looks forward to putting hurricane season behind us, and we are here to help in whatever ways we can. Feel free to get in touch with any questions you might have.


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