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Construction Tools for Every Job.

In addition to our industry’s regular tools of the trade, T&T Construction has a few prize construction tools you won’t find most places. Our volumetric mixers, for instance, allow us to mix concrete on-site, in custom blends and batch sizes that make sense for your individual project. No more wasted time, material and money!

Meanwhile, with our in-house rebar bender, we can make stirrups and bend your rebar with increased speed — another way to save time and money. With so much equipment at our disposal, we’ve got you covered.



Right-sized Concrete Batches, Right to You.

T&T’s volumetric mixers deliver the concrete blends you need to get the job done, directly to your jobsite. These trucks specialize in small-sized batches, allowing you to customize the perfect blend for your project, avoid the usual wait time associated with concrete work and pour only what you need. Save your company time and money with Taylor Made Concrete from T&T.


See Our Volumetric Mixer in Action!



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