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For people living in Houston, concrete services are all around. From building construction, to never-ending roadwork, we’re a city that’s constantly evolving. While such change can be exciting, it also makes it difficult to get a firm grasp on all that’s going on. T&T Construction can help. Read on for the latest company news, industry updates and useful information, and keep yourself in the know.

Are Construction Jobs Available with T&T?

T&T is HiringConstruction runs in your blood, you don’t mind a little dirt and you’re ready to put in a hard day’s work. Just one question remains: Is T&T hiring? Our crew is proud to say we stay pretty busy, and we are always looking for qualified team members to join us on our construction jobs.

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After the Storm: Helping Clients Through the Rebuild/Repair Process

2017’s Atlantic hurricane season officially ends November 30. For those hit hard by this active season’s tropical storms and hurricanes, that end can’t come soon enough. Thousands upon thousands of home and business owners are taking steps to repair and rebuild, and T&T Construction believes the construction crews serving them sit in a unique position.

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Did Recent Flooding Harm My Concrete?

Hurricane Harvey’s substantial winds and record-breaking rainfall dealt a devastating blow to Texas’ Gulf Coast. Widespread flooding, particularly throughout the Houston metroplex, forced homeowners from houses and business owners from offices — and left many people wondering exactly they were up against.

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T&T Named a Houston Business Journal “Best Places to Work” Finalist.

At T&T Construction, we view our team members as more than employees. In our minds, they’re our partners, our biggest asset and the reason we’re able to carry out the work we love. (In fact, it’s written all over the T&T tenets sign inside our office.) We are proud to announce that it appears the feeling is mutual.

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How Can I Spot Foundation Problems?

At T&T Construction, our team is always glad to discuss the important role foundations play in protecting companies’ buildings, people and operations as a whole. Still, the problem with foundations is, they’re largely invisible. Once a slab is set and the building is up, few people think

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Do Concrete Sidewalks and Driveways Require Ongoing Care?

You spent good money on your business’ concrete sidewalks and driveways, and it stands to reason that you’d like to keep them in the best shape possible. At T&T Construction, we want that, too. Are there ways to protect those concrete surfaces against cracks and breakage? The answer is

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T&T is Building Meaningful Foundations in Houston.

At T&T Construction, we could go on for days about the important role foundations play. And trust us, we have. Foundations provide a solid place to start a project. They give you something to build on, and they support you along the way. In our minds, however, it shouldn’t end with concrete. We believe that

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What Exactly is Tilt Wall Construction?

At T&T Construction we use a wide range of building materials to get our customers’ jobs done. Still, you might call concrete our medium of choice. If you pay a visit to our Concrete Building Construction page, for instance,

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Where Does T&T Offer Construction Services?

You know who T&T Construction is, and you know what we do. One question remains, however — where do we do it? While we could suffice it to say that our company proudly offers quality construction services throughout the Houston area, we’ll be the first to admit that Houston is a big place.

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Handling the Heat: Construction Safety in Hot Weather

Construction crews are a dedicated bunch. They’re people who enjoy a hard day’s work, relish a job well done and don’t mind digging in to do whatever it takes to make that happen. Still, when Mother Nature throws in seasonal obstacles — namely, her blistering summer heat — it can place companies’ prized personnel in harm’s way.

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Did You Know T&T Was Behind One of the First Dog Parks Houston Ever Built?

When you think about T&T Construction, what comes to mind? Foundation work? Machine bases? Our volumetric mixers? Any one of those would be a perfectly fine response. In fact, projects like those make up a majority of what we do. But our crew enjoys keeping things interesting. We jump at the chance to tackle out-of-the-box projects — especially those that allow us to get creative or make a difference within the community.

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How Can I Protect My Construction Projects Against Adverse Weather?

You’ve been there. We’ve all been there. That moment when you wake up early on a day off and give the car a much-needed wash, or schedule your morning around plans to mow the lawn — only to have gray skies and pouring rain throw everything out the window. It’s an inconvenience, to be sure, but for the most part it doesn’t do much harm. When those storms roll in while you’re in the midst of major construction projects, however, it’s another story entirely.

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How Do I Request a Free Estimate?

At T&T Construction, we believe in open communication. New builds and repairs are a big decision — not to mention a hefty investment — for a company, and we think everyone benefits from the peace of mind that comes when both the contractor and client are fully informed. In fact, we like to get the conversation started long before a contract is even signed. It all begins with our free estimate process.

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What is this Houston Construction Company All About?

You’ve probably heard the adage that actions speak louder than words. It makes sense. After all, the only way to accomplish something — to bring real change — is to get out there and do something about the situation at hand. Right? At T&T, we’re all for getting our hands dirty. But we’re also a Houston construction company that believes words carry their share of importance. That’s the thinking that led to our new T&T tenets sign.

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Cold Weather, Concrete and How Outdoor Conditions Affect a Jobsite.

If you have ever served as part of an outdoor work crew, you understand the impact weather can have on a jobsite. From the need for team members to hydrate in hot conditions, to the importance of bundling up when temperatures drop, Mother Nature can really take a toll. Have you ever stopped to consider how building materials might be affected — specifically in cold weather? Concrete certainly feels the impact. Allow us to explain.

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T&T Construction is Proudly Rolling Out a New Look!

If you’ve taken a look around our website — and, considering this blog is part of that website, you probably have — you might have noticed a pretty big change. T&T Construction recently unveiled a new look and feel, and our online home is the first place you’ll see it! Why the change? We’re happy to fill you in.

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Is There a Cost-effective Way of Mixing Concrete in Small Batches?

Mixing concrete is key to many construction projects. It’s the starting-off point. A project’s foundation. The beginning of something great. Still, the seemingly simple task can sometimes feel as if it brings more headaches — and out-of-pocket expense — than it’s worth. At T&T Construction, we’re all about making life better for those we serve. We are proud to say that, yes, there is a cost-effective way to mix small batches. Our volumetric mixers can help.

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Where Else Can I Keep Up with the Latest Construction News?

At T&T, we take pride in keeping our friends and customers up-to-date on the latest construction news. After all, everyone benefits when they go in with all the facts. We think our website is a great place to start. With informative blog posts and project highlights, it offers a helpful overview of both our company and the industry as a whole. Still, in today’s world, where social media drives so much of what we do, we want to make sure we’re covering all of our bases.

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