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Did Recent Flooding Harm My Concrete?

Hurricane Harvey’s substantial winds and record-breaking rainfall dealt a devastating blow to Texas’ Gulf Coast. Widespread flooding, particularly throughout the Houston metroplex, forced homeowners from houses and business owners from offices — and left many people wondering exactly they were up against. While water damage to drywall, furniture and other possessions is often readily apparent, pinpointing flood-related concrete issues can be trickier. Here are a few ways high waters can affect the building material — as well as your business.

High water erodes roadways, walkways and foundations.
“Scouring” isn’t merely a means of scrubbing a surface clean. In the world of concrete, it describes water working away at objects in its path. Sinkholes, displaced medians and collapsed bridges all made headlines during Harvey’s aftermath, and such damage can result in life-threatening consequences. If floodwaters sat for extended periods of time along your business’ parking lots, sidewalks or flooring, we encourage you to have an expert inspect the premises to ensure your building — and those who frequent it — remain protected.

Wet conditions encourage mold, bacteria and similar growth.
When warm air, excess water and dust combine in the days following a flood episode, it creates an ideal environment for microbials to grow and multiply. Not only can such growth in and around porous concrete lead to health concerns such as respiratory issues, but it can weaken the material’s structural integrity. Please remember to wear a respirator when working in or around flooded areas.

Floodwater’s effects aren’t purely physical.
Flooding such as that which Houston experienced can be a deeply emotional thing. Construction teams, business owners and residents throughout the region are taking a step back to assess the damage and determine what could — and should — be done differently before the next storm. At T&T, we ask our friends and clients to avoid making rash decisions. Consult with professionals when it comes to laying out future plans, potential renovations and the like. Doing so will help ensure you take appropriate next steps, and will hopefully help you sidestep unnecessary spending.

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