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How Can I Spot Foundation Problems?

At T&T Construction, our team is always glad to discuss the important role foundations play in protecting companies’ buildings, people and operations as a whole. Still, the problem with foundations is, they’re largely invisible. Once a slab is set and the building is up, few people think much about them — that is, until problems arise. These structures age and deteriorate with time, but catching foundation problems early on can save a headaches, heartache and hard-earned money in the long run. Here are a few things to watch out for.

Look for cracks.
Small fractures along walls, ceilings and patios are common occurrences as buildings settle. When cracks widen beyond the simple “hairline” variety or begin to multiply, however, that could point to a problem. Don’t forget to be on the lookout for breaks in visible portions of the foundation itself.

Keep an eye on alignment.

A foundation shift can render doors and windows difficult to open, lead to doors that don’t latch and cause molding to sit askew. Although minor misalignments are simply part of life, you should take note of larger, more noticeable changes.

Pay attention to grade.

When flooring that was formerly smooth develops a buckle or begins to slope, or when stairwells begin to feel “off,” that’s a telltale sign that something has shifted.

The important thing to remember when faced with any structural issue is, you aren’t in this alone. There are professionals out there who understand what you’re up against, and who would be glad to help your company start down the path to repair. Feel free to reach out to T&T through our Contact page regarding any such issue. Whether it’s something our crew can tackle ourselves, or a job which might be best handled by a trusted industry colleague, we are always glad to help.

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